25,000 Attend Hasidic Wedding of the Year

Image: haaretz

Some 25,000 people took part Tuesday night in the wedding in Jerusalem of the eldest grandson of the admor, or leader, of the Belz Hasidic sect, one of the largest Hasidic sects in the world.

The groom is the admor’s grandson, Shalom Roke’ach, who turned 18 a few weeks ago. The bride is Hannah Batya Penet, of a rank-and-file Belz family. The wedding is a rare meet-and-greet opportunity for leaders of various Hasidic sects.

Thousands of Belz Hasids from the United States and Europe attended the celebration, which was expected to last until dawn.

Belz is the second-largest Hasidic sect in Israel after the Gur Hasidic sect.

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25,000 Attend Hasidic Wedding of the Year

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