New 'Oldest Man' Born Day After 111-Year-Old Survivor

The world’s new oldest man was born just 24 hours after Alexander Immich, the New York Holocaust survivor who died over the weekend.

The ranking now goes to Sakari Momoi of Japan, born on Feb. 5, 1903, one day after Imich, according to the Gerontology Research Group of Torrance, California.

Dozens of women were older than Imich, according to the group, and the oldest of them, Misao Okawa of Japan, is 116.

Imich had credited good genes for his long life.

“But the life you live is equally or more important for longevity,” he told Reuters last month in an interview in his apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

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New 'Oldest Man' Born Day After 111-Year-Old Survivor

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