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Reuters Publishes George Soros Obituary by Accident

By Forward Staff

The Reuters news agency accidentally published an obituary of Jewish billionaire and prominent liberal political donor George Soros.Read More

U. Cal-Berkeley Senate Passes Bill Calling for Divestment From Settlements


A student senate at the University of California, Berkeley narrowly passed a measure calling on the school to divest from three companies with dealings in the West Bank.Read More

Dreyfus Affair Letter Goes on Block for $130K


A letter written by Alfred Dreyfus, a French-Jewish soldier who was wrongfully convicted of spying, is expected to fetch at least $130,000 at an auction in Paris.Read More

Gabby Giffords: Gun Law-Killing Senators 'Shamed' Themselves


The U.S. senators who defeated a bill that would toughen background checks for gun purchasers “brought shame on themselves,” former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords said.Read More

Israelis Visit Turkey in New Sign of Diplomatic Spring

By Reuters

An Israeli delegation will visit Turkey for the first time in three years next week in another sign of thawing relations since the United States brokered a breakthrough in March, but any further advancement in ties was expected to be incremental.Read More

Polish Museum Eyes Life Not Death of Centuries-Old Jewish Community

By Reuters

A new museum of Jewish history opens in Poland this week to refocus attention on a vibrant community that has lived in the country for centuries but whose history, for many, has been eclipsed by the Nazi death camps that nearly wiped them out.Read More

Carmen Weinstein, Leader of Egypt's Jews, Laid To Rest In Cairo

By Reuters

Egypt’s tiny Jewish community, a frail remnant of a once flourishing minority, held a rare public ceremony on Thursday in memory of its veteran leader, Carmen Weinstein, but the country’s Islamist leaders stayed away.Read More

Larry Ellison Tops $812B Forbes List of Jewish Billionaires


The 165 Jewish billionaires around the world have $812 billion in joint wealth, Forbes Israel reported.Read More

Lions Return to Sarajevo Zoo in Symbol of Recovery for Bosnian CIty

By Reuters

Some still recall the roar of caged lions punctuating the long nights during the siege of Sarajevo.Read More

Orthodox Rabbis Split on Anti-Gay Bullying Law in Canadian City of Winnepeg


An anti-bullying bill in Manitoba has Winnipeg’s two leading Orthodox rabbis split over how much schools should do to accommodate students who support gay rights.Read More

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