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Boston Bombing Suspects Showed Few Radical Signs

By Reuters

The suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings are ethnic Chechen brothers who spent much of their lives away from the breakaway Russian republic and showed few outward signs of radicalism in the United States.Read More

Boston Bombers Bring Echo of Chechnya's Legacy of Violence

By Reuters

During the lifetime of the two Boston bombing suspects, their homeland Chechnya has seen two Russian invasions unleash some of Europe’s worst bloodshed in generations, and produced fighters who have carried out horrific attacks on civilians.Read More

Palestinian Activists Tried To Derail Major Jerusalem Documentary

By Reuters

Palestinian activists tried to derail an ambitious European documentary shot in Jerusalem this week, complaining that the film would reinforce an image of Israeli sovereignty over the deeply divided city.Read More

Roger Waters Still ‘Considering’ Call to Fellow Musicians To Boycott Israel


Pink Floyd guitarist Roger Waters said he was still considering whether to call on musicians to boycott Israel.Read More

Two Gaza Rockets Strike Israel, No Injuries

By Reuters

Two rockets fired from the Gaza Strip struck inside Israel after nightfall on Thursday, causing no damage or injury, Israeli media reports said.Read More

One Boston Bombing Suspect Killed, Manhunt Under Way for Second Man

By Reuters

Police killed one suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing and are engaged in a house-to-house search for a second man on Friday. Much of the city is in lockdown.Read More

Reuters Publishes George Soros Obituary by Accident

By Forward Staff

The Reuters news agency accidentally published an obituary of Jewish billionaire and prominent liberal political donor George Soros.Read More

U. Cal-Berkeley Senate Passes Bill Calling for Divestment From Settlements


A student senate at the University of California, Berkeley narrowly passed a measure calling on the school to divest from three companies with dealings in the West Bank.Read More

Dreyfus Affair Letter Goes on Block for $130K


A letter written by Alfred Dreyfus, a French-Jewish soldier who was wrongfully convicted of spying, is expected to fetch at least $130,000 at an auction in Paris.Read More

Gabby Giffords: Gun Law-Killing Senators 'Shamed' Themselves


The U.S. senators who defeated a bill that would toughen background checks for gun purchasers “brought shame on themselves,” former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords said.Read More

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