What We Learn From the Salary Survey

EDITORIAL: Why does the Forward devote so much space to our annual Salary Survey of Jewish charity chiefs? It raises troubling questions about our community and how it’s run.Read More

Be Fruitful and Multiply — Please?

By Jane Eisner

A declining number of non-Orthodox American Jews are getting married and having children. Jane Eisner explains why this is such a problem.Read More

A Jewish State for Whom?

EDITORIAL: Israel’s new nationality bill isn’t really about shoring up the identity of the majority; it’s about marginalizing the minority.Read More

Lesson from Ferguson

EDITORIAL: In the wake of the violence in Ferguson the saddest lesson might be how little difference it makes that we have a black president.Read More

Why Terror Is Different This Time

By Jane Eisner

For Jane Eisner, the bloody synagogue terror cuts deeper because it was an attack on innocent Jews at prayer. Somehow a line has been crossed — and there’s no telling what may come next.Read More

An Inexcusable Act of Terror in Jerusalem

EDITORIAL: There can be no equivocation in condemning the terrorist attack in Jerusalem. No caveats, no excuses. The brazen slaughter of men at prayer serves no legitimate purpose.Read More

Is Exile Good for the Jews?

By Jane Eisner

Political scientist Alan Wolfe argues that exile is good for the Jews. But Jane Eisner thinks it’s a trick question to ask whether Jews can truly be at home in the Diaspora.Read More

Divesting From Immorality

EDITORIAL: The campaign to get universities to divest from fossil fuels is failing. Institutions don’t get that climate change is a moral issue — and one they can do something about.Read More

Why the Mikveh Scandal Cuts So Deep

EDITORIAL: The shocking peeping rabbi scandal has turned many women away from a place that should be a spiritual haven. They deserve to know the mikveh will be theirs again.Read More

Take Sex Assault Probes Off Campus

EDITORIAL: With the current focus on mishandling of sexual assault cases on college campuses, a fundamental question has been lost: Why aren’t local police involved?Read More

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