How Bibi's Speech Raises Stakes for All of Us

EDITORIAL: Benjamin Netanyahu gave us great political theater. He also raised the stakes in his battle with the White House on Iran — and that could be dangerous for all of us.Read More

Defending Lord Sinderby

By Jane Eisner

Is a Jewish nobleman right to order his son not to marry outside the faith? ‘Downton Abbey’ poses the question — and Jane Eisner explains why she’s siding with Lord Sinderby.Read More

A Verdict on the Palestinians

EDITORIAL: An American jury held Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority liable for terror attacks on Israelis. Here’s how we hope he will respond.Read More

Don't Lecture, Listen to Europe's Jews

EDITORIAL: After terror attacks in France and now Denmark, some offer the same easy answer: Come to Israel. But shouldn’t we be listening to European Jews instead of lecturing them?Read More

Who Speaks for the Jews?

EDITORIAL: Calling Benjamin Netanyahu a spokesman for the Jewish people is a convenient shorthand for some. But no one speaks for all of us — and that’s exactly how it should be.Read More

The Missing Voices in Mideast Policy Debate

EDITORIAL: Many of the most distinguished scholars of Middle Eastern studies are women. So how come two-thirds of the panels at think tanks were all-male affairs?Read More

The Vaccination Nation

EDITORIAL: Is the fierce response to those who refuse to vaccinate their kids a hopeful sign that we are finally ready to put community first?Read More

Bibi's Bad Choice

EDITORIAL: By siding with Republicans on Iran, Benjamin Netanyahu has not only harmed his ties with the White House. He’s forcing American Jews to make an unpalatable choice.Read More

Let's Replace Blasphemy Laws With a Little Common Respect

EDITORIAL: Blasphemy laws are so Middle Ages, right? You’d be surprised by how many places still outlaw such speech, even here in the United States.Read More

Should French Jews Stay — or Should They Go?

EDITORIAL: After the Paris terror attacks, Benjamin Netanyahu urged French Jews to come to Israel. But should we really encourage more Jews to flee?Read More

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