An Unlikely Friendship Between 2 Men of Letters

By Jane Eisner

Cartoonist Tony Auth, who recently died at 72, was rightly lauded for his independence and skill. Jane Eisner recalls the extraordinary collaboration he shared with author Chaim Potok.Read More

The Salaita Scandal

EDITORIAL: Is tweeting a form of academic freedom? Steven Salaita’s case shows that universities don’t know how to deal with social media when it turns toxic.Read More

A Disgusting Reflection

By Jane Eisner

On a visit to the Jewish Museum in Vienna, Jane Eisner discovered a display of anti-Semitic paraphernalia that brought her face-to-face with the pathology of hate.Read More

Steven Sotloff Was Jewish

UPDATED EDITORIAL: An impermeable silence has long surrounded Steven Sotloff’s Jewish background. Now that he has been beheaded by ISIS, we can say that he was one of us.Read More

The Forward Remembers Leonard Fein

EDITORIAL: The wide array of people mourning Leonard Fein is a testament to his unique talent: the ability to touch those with diametrically opposed political views.Read More

A Fight Worth Fighting

Would the president have intervened to help the Yazidis in Northern Iraq if there weren’t Americans nearby? That this is a question at all says a lot about the state of U.S. foreign policy.Read More

The (Overlooked) Man in Ramallah

EDITORIAL: Both sides are jockeying to spin themselves as winner of the Gaza war. If peace is to have any chance of succeeding, the real victor will have to be Mahmoud Abbas.Read More

4 Things About the Times of Israel 'Genocide' Blunder

By Jane Eisner

A Times of Israel blogger suggested Israel could be justified in carrying out genocide. Jane Eisner offers four lessons about the controversy — and what it says about the media today.Read More

Convergence of Hate

By Jane Eisner

Like many liberals, Jane Eisner has insisted that anti-Zionism is not always anti-Semitism. But the virulent reaction to the Gaza war has made her rethink that credo.Read More

Staring Into the Void, for Both Israelis and Palestinians

By Jane Eisner

Along with wreaking untold horrors on both sides, the Gaza war has all but extinguished hopes for a two-state solution. For Jane Eisner, the biggest problem is that there is no alternative.Read More

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