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Between Obama and Netanyahu, It's Personal

By J.J. Goldberg

As the rift between President Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu grows wider, J.J. Goldberg stops to ask how much is the result of policy differences and how much is simply personal.Read More

Walking While Jewish in Berlin

By A.J. Goldmann

A.J. Goldmann walked through Berlin for ten hours with a yarmulke on his head looking to see if he would receive any anti-Semitic taunts. What he did find surprised him.Read More

The Seder Is a Mother

By Avi Shafran

Even though it’s often men who lead the Seder in traditional Jewish families, Avi Shafran believes that the Seder itself is maternal in its quality and purpose.Read More

Who's Making the Matzo Balls?

By Elissa Strauss

Is Passover still women’s work? The first installment of our ‘Who Sets the Table?’ series is about to find out —  with a little help from you and your personal holiday stories.Read More

The Case Against 'Jews Only!'

By Josh Lambert

A Jewish camp in Canada recently decided not to admit a non-Jew for the summer. Josh Lambert, a former camper himself, tells us why this was a bad decision.Read More

Revealing Israel's Nuclear Secrets

By Michael Karpin

A little noticed 1987 report, declassified in February, has suddenly made explicit Israel’s nuclear program. Michael Karpin unpacks its implications.Read More

Making Day School Work for Working Parents

By Tamar Snyder

For the increasing number of dual-income working parents, the hours and demands of Jewish Day School is a challenge, writes Tamar Snyder. But she has an idea about how to change that.Read More

A Value Divide

By Michael Barnett

The challenge confronting American Jews is much deeper and more painful than how to deal with Netanyahu, writes Michael Barnett. It’s how to contend with Israelis.Read More

The Value of Shutting Up and Listening

By Elissa Strauss

We live at a time that does not value teachers as bearers of special knowledge, writes Elissa Strauss. But we need to recapture that quality if we ever hope to connect with Jewish learning.Read More

Why Did Benjamin Netanyahu Win? He's Been Good for Israelis.

By David Rosenberg

How did Benjamin Netanyahu win? It’s no mystery — he’s presided over a period of unprecedented prosperity and (for the most part) peace for Israelis, writes David Rosenberg.Read More

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