Media Moguls Bid for JPost As Israel’s Anglo Voice Is Put on Auction Block

By Nathaniel Popper

When the May 20 deadline passed for bidders seeking to buy the Jerusalem Post, Israel’s most famous English-language newspaper faced a welter of suitors offering strikingly different visions of the future.A leading contender who has all but confirmed his entry into the secret auction — Canadian media mogul Leonard Asper — has aRead More

Assassination of Diamond Dealer Rocks Tight Bukharan Community

By Nathaniel Popper

When Eduard Nektalov was shot in the back of the head during evening rush hour last Thursday, he fell to the sidewalk in the middle of Midtown Manhattan with his yarmulke next to him.Those close to him have described Nektalov as a religiously observant man who, like many Bukharan Jews, was deeply invested in his community.Nektalov was also aRead More

Newsdesk May 28, 2004

Groups Press AnnanJewish leaders have asked United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan to designate an interlocutor for the Jewish community in his office.The leaders and a U.N. spokesman confirmed that the request was made, but stressed that Jewish officials had not asked Annan to appoint a special envoy to the Jews, as had been reportedRead More

Orthodox Wig Controversy Likely To Ebb, Rabbis Say

By Steven I. Weiss

The Indian hair at the heart of the enormous Orthodox wig controversy will, in the end, probably be ruled non-problematic, according to several prominent rabbinic sources contacted by the Forward.Though many leading Orthodox rabbis remain reluctant to speak on the record about the issue, two prominent rabbis — Rabbi Moshe TendlerRead More

From Plus to Minus

By Gus Tyler

Bush’s standing with the American people is on a downward slide, according to the most recent New York Times/CBS poll. Last March, his approval rating was 71 percent. It is now down to 46 percent — the lowest point in the years of his presidencyThe early high came on the heels of Hussein’s capture. Since that moment, Bush’s rating has beenRead More

Fearing GOP Gains, Democrats Boost Jewish Outreach

By Ori Nir

WASHINGTON — Already fearing potential Republican gains among Jewish voters, Democrats were scrambling this week to undo any damage caused by a series of inflammatory outbursts by one of their own — Senator Ernest “Fritz” Hollings of South Carolina.Many Democrats were particularly worried over the sight of President Bush being cheered lastRead More

Right-wing Initiative Targets ‘Lost Jews’

By Steven I. Weiss

Right-wing Orthodox activists in America have launched an initiative to bring tens of millions of so-called “lost Jews” from Asia and Europe to the West Bank.The new effort was highlighted in promotional advertisements for an annual concert in Central Park, which has become a major destination for tens of thousands of New York Jews. The event,Read More

Settler Rabbi: Killing Civilians Permitted

By Eetta Prince-Gibson

JERUSALEM — A top rabbinic leader of the West Bank settler movement declared last week that the Israeli military is “permitted” under Jewish religious law to kill “ostensibly innocent” civilians in the course of warfare, and that feelings of guilt over such deaths reflect “the morality of unbelievers.”Rabbi Dov Lior, chairmanRead More


By E.J. Kessler

In one of the most expensive House races in the country, the lone Jew in Texas’s congressional delegation is lashing out at his opponent by linking him to an anti-immigration group producing racially charged ads, and to conservative anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, who has compared the estate tax to the Holocaust.The goal for Rep. MartinRead More

President Avoids Refugees, Borders In Aipac Speech

By Ori Nir and J.J. Goldberg

WASHINGTON – With 5,000 cheering Jewish citizen-lobbyists serving as both an audience and a potential prize, President Bush and Israel’s Prime Minister Sharon engaged in a dramatic round of diplomatic shadow-boxing this week, each seeking to dictate to the other the pace of upcoming Middle East peace moves.The arena for theRead More

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