‘Passion’ Stirring Controversy Among Middle East Muslims

By Eric J. Greenberg

Just when you thought the issue had faded from view, Mel Gibson’s controversial film about the torture and death of Jesus again is causing conflict, this time in Arab Muslim countries.Again, the dispute revolves around the film’s depiction of Jews.As it did in the United States, Gibson’s bloody hit “The Passion of the Christ” has sparkedRead More

Left, Right Watching Sharon With Suspicion As Bribery Indictment Looms

By Ofer Shelah

TEL AVIV — Besieged on all fronts, Israel’s Prime Minister Sharon pulled yet another political rabbit out of his hat this week, winning approval from the Likud party convention for his surprise proposal to submit his disengagement plan to a referendum among the Likud’s estimated 200,000 members.But the convention victory was a limited one.Read More

A Chat With Big Bird’s Boss

By Marjorie Ingall

It’s hard to believe “Sesame Street” is turning 35. It still looks so dewy and youthful. Big Bird still peers out at the world with his big innocent unwrinkled birdie eyes; nerdy Bert still does his patented slow burn at Ernie’s goofball antics; Oscar still snarls when excessive sappiness and sentiment get too near his trash can. ButRead More

Newsdesk April 2, 2004

Israel Keeps Basketball TournamentThe Final Four of the Euroleague will be held in Tel Aviv on April 29 as planned.The basketball organization’s managerial committee, meeting in Barcelona, voted Tuesday against a proposal to move the gala event of the season from Tel Aviv due to security concerns.The committee also dealt the Spanish teamRead More

Critics of Sheikh Yassin Killing Reveal Own Moral Blindness

By Alan M. Dershowitz

Israel’s targeted killing of the wheelchair-bound head of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, predictably has drawn a hail of criticism from the international community. British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw characterized the killing of Yassin as “unlawful”; the Vatican said it was “not justified in any state [run by] the rule of law” andRead More

Gibson’s Christ Movie Is Greeted With Lack of Passion in Germany

By Nathaniel Popper

“The Passion of the Christ” may have dominated the box office for its first three weeks on American screens, but in Germany the Mel Gibson flick was flattened by a bear.A mega-hit in the United States, “The Passion” sold less than half as many tickets as the Disney animated film “Brother Bear” during its opening weekend in Germany,Read More

Hungarian Writers’ Spat Betrays Struggle Between ‘Urbanism’ and ‘Populism’

By Michael Standaert

In the past two weeks, more than 120 Hungarian writers have walked out on the Hungarian Writers’ Association in response to antisemitic statements made by one of the group’s executive members.Among those resigning from the 1,200-member writer’s association, the largest and most influential in Hungary, were prominent writersRead More

Terrorism Experts Warn Jewish Sites Endangered After Hit on Hamas Head; Groups Clashing On Bill To Provide Security Funding

By Ori Nir

WASHINGTON — Following Israel’s assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, terrorism experts are warning that American Jewish sites are ripe targets for revenge attacks, as synagogues and other communal institutions race to step up security.“I am very concerned that Yassin’s assassination may come back to hit us in our soft underbelly: JewishRead More


By E.J. Kessler

Consumer activist and independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader is facing increasing criticism over what detractors describe as his campaign’s flirtation with organizations and individuals associated with Lenora Fulani, the New York-based radical activist with a long record of alleged anti-Jewish extremism.Nader, whoseRead More

Groups Clashing On Bill To Provide Security Funding

By Ori Nir

WASHINGTON — As some observers suggest that the threat of terrorist strikes against American targets is intensifying, an increasingly bitter dispute has erupted among Jewish groups over a bill that would provide federal funds to enhance security at nonprofit organizations deemed particularly vulnerable to attack.The bill, which supporters expectRead More

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