Help the Arab World Help Itself

By Osama El Baz

It would be a travesty of justice and the truth to assume that the governments of the Middle East are blind or deaf to the needs of their own peoples, or that they are unaware of the need to pursue a long-term plan for sustained reform that would enrich and improve the quality of life within their borders and generate new opportunities for theirRead More

Controversial Memorial Unveiled at Belzec

The notorious Nazi death camp at Belzec in Poland was rededicated last week as a shrine to the dead, in the presence of 1,000 witnesses from Israel, Germany, Poland and America.The centerpiece of the new $5 million memorial is a controversial, 600-foot walkway descending 30 feet into the ground, its walls lined with namesRead More

Nun Who Inspired Gibson Is Moved Toward Sainthood

By Eric J. Greenberg

If it weren’t for Mel Gibson, Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich might have remained an obscure figure, unknown to everyone but select Catholic scholars and a cult of the devoted.But Gibson’s inclusion of some of the 18th-century nun’s antisemitic visions in his controversial blockbuster “The Passion of the Christ” has placed herRead More

Agency Whisks Yemenites Away From N.Y. Enclave

By Marc Perelman

Listening to officials at the Jewish Agency for Israel tell it, the quasi-governmental Israeli social-service organization staged a made-for-movie rescue last week of a Jewish family being held captive by religious fanatics. But instead of whisking endangered refugees from impoverished or repressive states in Africa, the Arab world or the formerRead More

Israel Urges Allies in D.C. To Ease Criticism of Cairo As Egypt Ups Gaza Effort; Sharon Passes Plan, but Pays Political Price

By Ori Nir; With Reporting by Ha’aretz.

WASHINGTON — Eager to protect Israel’s budding security relationship with Egypt, Israeli officials are urging Jewish activists in Washington to stop pushing for American political action against Cairo.The request from Jerusalem to Jewish organizations came days after a May 31 telephone conversation between Israeli Prime Minister Sharon andRead More


By E.J. Kessler

The church-state issue is erupting in the presidential race, with a top White House aide speaking of a religious-secular “culture war” and the Bush re-election team launching a nationwide program to recruit religious congregations to distribute campaign material to voters.Republican members of Congress, meanwhile, have introduced legislationRead More

Berg and Pearl Cast as Heroes Of Volunteerism

By Nathaniel Popper

The similarities between the gruesome killing of Daniel Pearl and that of Nicholas Berg have been hard to avoid, with both Americans meeting their end at the hands of Islamic militants, on camera for the world to watch.Less noticed have been the striking parallels in the way that both men lived their lives. On Monday night, theRead More

Newsdesk June 11, 2004

Barghouti SentencedMarwan Barghouti, general secretary of Fatah in the West Bank, was sentenced this week in Tel Aviv District Court to five consecutive life sentences and 40 additional years in prison.A three-judge panel convicted Barghouti on May 20 of involvement in five terrorist murders between January and June 2002, in the courseRead More

Leftist Magazine Editor Morris U. Schappes, 97, Dies

Morris U. Schappes, a respected historian of American Jewry and longtime editor of the leftist journal Jewish Currents, died June 3 at his home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He was 97.A longtime fixture in the world of American communism, Schappes first achieved prominence in 1941 when he was fired, along with 40 others, from the faculty ofRead More

Reagan: Big Steps Altered Jewish Politics

By Marshall Breger

Great men, Isaiah Berlin once wrote, can be compared to the hedgehog or the fox. The fox knows many things, which may guide him for good or ill. The hedgehog, in contrast, knows one big thing, and knows it well. Ronald Reagan knew a few big things, and he knew them well: the importance of individual freedom, the evil of communism and its ideology…Read More

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