Settler Rabbi: Killing Civilians Permitted

By Eetta Prince-Gibson

JERUSALEM — A top rabbinic leader of the West Bank settler movement declared last week that the Israeli military is “permitted” under Jewish religious law to kill “ostensibly innocent” civilians in the course of warfare, and that feelings of guilt over such deaths reflect “the morality of unbelievers.”Rabbi Dov Lior, chairmanRead More

Scandal Turns Sabras and Kiwis Into a Prickly Pair

By Chemi Shalev

SYDNEY, Australia — A job title like “Treasurer of the Jewish Agency for Israel” may sound prestigious in New York, but in remote New Zealand it seems to conjure up a shadier image — moneyman, perhaps for a covert organization. Small wonder, then, that Shai Hermesh, whose official Israeli passport carries just that title,Read More

Old Prejudices Persist, Even Among Younger Generation

By Avi Rubel

The man holding the antisemitic sign at this month’s May Day rally in front of the Kremlin could not have been more than 25 years old. The placard depicted a hook-nosed Jew riding a donkey tattooed with the word “goy,” holding two carrots labeled “capitalism” and “democracy” in front of the donkey’s face.The sign was just oneRead More

Save the Unborn...

By Eric Cohen

The stem-cell debate has started again in earnest.Last month, more than 200 congressmen sent a letter to President Bush demanding more federal funding for more embryonic stem-cell lines. Last week, Elias Zerhouni, director of the National Institutes of Health, responded by explaining the great scientific progress we have made under the currentRead More

Ties With Israel Look Solid Following Indian Election

By Marc Perelman and Ori Nir

A leading Israeli politician expressed confidence that relations between India and Israel would remain on a sound footing despite the change of government in Delhi.“I very much hope that the strong contacts we have with India will not be harmed [as a result of the change in government in India] because they are based onRead More


By E.J. Kessler

In one of the most expensive House races in the country, the lone Jew in Texas’s congressional delegation is lashing out at his opponent by linking him to an anti-immigration group producing racially charged ads, and to conservative anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, who has compared the estate tax to the Holocaust.The goal for Rep. MartinRead More

President Avoids Refugees, Borders In Aipac Speech

By Ori Nir and J.J. Goldberg

WASHINGTON – With 5,000 cheering Jewish citizen-lobbyists serving as both an audience and a potential prize, President Bush and Israel’s Prime Minister Sharon engaged in a dramatic round of diplomatic shadow-boxing this week, each seeking to dictate to the other the pace of upcoming Middle East peace moves.The arena for theRead More

Outcry Over Gaza Killings Ups Pressure on Israel To Pull Out

By Ofer Shelah

TEL AVIV — Prior to Wednesday’s strike against Palestinian demonstrators, senior Israeli military officers were expressing confidence that they would have the freedom to finish their mission in Gaza without intervention from Washington, D.C. As pressure and outrage mounted from European and Arab governments, American officials and evenRead More

Nursing Homes Renovate Identities In Search for Deep-pocketed Patients

By Nathaniel Popper

SKOKIE, Ill. — Sitting in this northern suburb of Chicago, the Lieberman Geriatric Centre is part of a long Jewish tradition of caring for the neediest elderly members of the community. A total of 135 of the institution’s 240 coveted nursing home beds are filled by patients on Medicaid, the government health insurance forRead More

...Or Save the Sick?

By Arlen Specter

I have a constituent by the name of Jim Cordy who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. When I am at events in the Pittsburgh area, I often see Jim hold up an hourglass to demonstrate how delays in critical medical research have left him watching the hours of his life slip away just as the sand slips a grain at a time through the hourglass.JimRead More

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