Wooing Labor, Sharon Begins P.A. Talks

By Chemi Shalev

JERUSALEM — Under the shadow of the impending American war on Iraq, Prime Minister Sharon is expanding his talks with Palestinians and accelerating his drive for a “secular unity government,” with Labor in tow.Sharon and his advisers have met in recent weeks with a host of Palestinian leaders, including ArafatRead More

To Some Arabs, Iraq War Means Freedom

By Max Gross

Hatem Mukliss’s family comes from Tikrit, Iraq — Saddam Hussein’s hometown. And like the Iraqi leader, Mukliss is a Sunni Muslim.The similarities end there.Mukliss’s father was an official in the Iraqi government until 1993, when he was murdered by Saddam’s regime. The killing inspired Mukliss to dedicate his life to deposing Saddam.“IRead More

Vote on Ethiopians Exposing Aid Rift

By Ami Eden

The decade-long battle over Ethiopian refugees is shifting to the United States, after the Israeli Cabinet’s unanimous vote Sunday approving the immigration of more than 18,000 languishing Ethiopians.At issue is a little-noticed clause in the approved Cabinet resolution that is sparking debate among American Jewish groups over how much aidRead More

Anti-Israel Voices Muted as Millions Rally

They cheerfully rode the New York City subway uptown: three Jewish women in their late 50s or early 60s, bundled up in heavy coats decorated in peace buttons. Millions of protesters in 600 cities around the world were rallying against a looming war in Iraq, and these New Yorkers did not intend to be left out.Members of a half-dozenRead More

A Trans-Atlantic Dialogue Seeks Europe’s True Heart

By Jo-Ann Mort

Brussels, the bilingual capital of Belgium, is Old Europe at its architectural best. The center of the old city is the Grand’Place — Grote Markt in Dutch — an exquisite square lined with gold-laced 17th-century buildings, constructed by the guilds that once ran Brussels’ civic life.One of the most elaborate of these buildings is LeRead More

Unflippable Lawyer Bites Mickey D’s With Burger Suit

By Lisa Keys

At times it seemed as if the entire McWorld was against Samuel Hirsch.The Manhattan lawyer catapulted to infamy last summer as he spearheaded a class-action lawsuit against McDonald’s on behalf of obese teenagers. As the latest player in the assign-the-blame-game, Hirsch became the brunt of late-night talk show jokes and a poster boy for thoseRead More

Newsdesk February 21, 2003

Affirmative Action BackedThe American Jewish Committee Tuesday filed an amicus brief, co-signed by a coalition of Jewish organizations, defending the University of Michigan’s affirmative action policies now being challenged before the Supreme Court.“Disallowing the consideration of race as one factor among many in university admissions wouldRead More


By Max Gross

Ahead of the Field: “People look at me as if I was from another planet,” laments Ahmad Rezkallah in the February 18 issue of Arab News, an English-language Saudi daily. It’s hard to know why, since Rezkallah is described as “a pleasant man with a broad smile” who earns a decent living hacking off people’s heads.Rezkallah, SaudiRead More

Christian Right Meets To Consider Islam

By Ori Nir

WASHINGTON — Islam was the main focus when conservative Christian activists gathered here last weekend for a symposium on the Muslim faith. But it wasn’t the only target. One speaker at the Christian Coalition-sponsored event took aim at American foreign policy, declaring that September 11 was a divine punishment against the UnitedRead More

El Al Moves To Avoid Tiff With Big Labor

By E.J. Kessler

El Al Israel Airlines is reportedly moving to extricate itself from a contract with a New York hotel involved in a labor dispute, after several American unions warned that the airline’s patronage of the hotel “might jeopardize some of the U.S. trade union movement’s historic support for Israel” and “impact theRead More

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