September 9, 2011

100 Years Ago in the Forward

Rising star Rudolf Shildkraut is in awe over Yiddish theater superstar Eugene Mogulesco. Shildkraut first saw Mogulescu perform in Romania, when Shildkraut was a child. During a visit to the offices of the Forverts for a discussion about theater, Shildkraut called Mogulesco “a genius.” He said that he has come up with a plan to perform “Shylock” in Hebrew. “I saw a children’s group perform ‘Joseph and His Brothers’ in Hebrew and it was electrifying. I realized then that I must perform ‘Shylock’ in Hebrew.” When Shildkraut explained this plan, his eyes lit up and his arms flailed up and down with excitement. “I cannot come up with the words to express my thirst for this project,” he said.

75 Years Ago in the Forward

As attacks in Palestine on Jews and retaliatory attacks on Arabs continue, the English-language press has taken note that, although the British would like the two parties to negotiate with one another, the Arab side absolutely refuses to sit down with the Jews. Apparently, any Arab who attempts to meet with Jews is branded as a traitor and threatened with death. Reports indicate that one of the main obstacles to peace is the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, who has consistently fomented violent attacks on the Jews of the Yishuv. Other Arab notables in Palestine, who often represent large, wealthy families, do not seem to have the interests of the Arab masses in mind.

50 Years Ago in the Forward

As the number of anti-Jewish attacks rises throughout Argentina, the country’s Jews are beginning to worry. The central organization of Argentine Jews, known as DAJA, is in the midst of holding emergency meetings regarding the problem of rising anti-Semitism in Buenos Aires. In the four most recent attacks, none of the perpetrators were caught and no one, not even the police, has any idea who they might be. The president of DAJA, Isaac Goldenberg, has said that the attacks, especially those on synagogues and on Jewish-owned businesses, do not seem spontaneous and has called for more vigilance on the part of the Jewish community regarding these matters. Goldenberg has met with the Argentine Minister of the Interior and the Buenos Aires Chief of Police, but no action has been taken.

50, 75, 100 Years Ago in the Forward

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September 9, 2011

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