Why The Forward Is Launching Digital Subscriptions by the Forward

Why The Forward Is Launching Digital Subscriptions

Dear Friend of the Forward:

If you’re here, you care about independent Jewish journalism. That’s why we want to share some important news.

To continue providing the award-winning coverage you love, Forward.com is becoming a subscription site. Visitors will pay for content after viewing 10 stories.

Keeping your connection to the Forward is easy. For just $1, our special trial offer gives you one month of 24/7, unlimited access to Forward.com, plus a print subscription. (After that, your subscription will automatically renew every 30 days at the regular monthly rate of $6.99.) 

If you’re a print subscriber, you’ve already got an all-access pass to Forward.com included in your subscription! Simply register at Forward.com/register to activate it.

The best part? Your subscription powers Forward.com journalism. By subscribing, you’re helping ensure a strong future for the trustworthy, fact-based reporting you value. It matters now more than ever. Thank you.

Warm regards,

Rachel Fishman Feddersen CEO and Publisher

P.S. — Remember, print subscribers already received an all-access pass to Forward.com. Just register at Forward.com/register to activate it.

P.P.S. If you have any other questions we put together this helpful FAQ for you.

Forward.com Is Launching Digital Subscriptions


Rachel Fishman Feddersen

Rachel Fishman Feddersen

Publisher and CEO of the Forward, Feddersen has been an innovator in digital media since the earliest days of Silicon Alley. She is passionate about creating and supporting the most engaging media properties, and exploring new ways of reaching readers, wherever they may be. She has worked with audiences of many millions, as Chief Content Officer of Patch, with its 900 sites across the country; Digital GM at MentalFloss.comand TheWeek.com, thought-leading brands for millennials and global citizens; and editor-in-chief of Parenting.com.

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Why The Forward Is Launching Digital Subscriptions

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