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Sarah Hurwitz: Speechwriter for Judaism

What are Democrats to do in the Trump era? Sarah Hurwitz, who spent seven years as Michelle Obama’s chief speechwriter after doing the same for President Obama and candidate Hillary Clinton, decided to write for herself. Her book, “Here All Along: Finding Meaning, Spirituality, and a Deeper Connection to Life — in Judaism,” was published in September.Born in Wayland, MA, Hurwitz, 41, brings her approachable style to the religion she loves, but didn’t always know so much about.

What’s the last thing you listened to on your phone? Aviva Chernick’s stunningly beautiful voice (to be specific, “Boi Kalah” — a song from one of her albums).

What is your earliest Jewish memory? Hanukkah parties with family friends

Hero: I definitely have more than one, but I’ll start with those closest to home: my parents and grandmother. I’m also feeling incredibly inspired by the many extraordinary young activists taking on some of the most important issues we face — from climate change to gun violence to education: Greta Thunberg, the Parkland Florida students, Malala Yousafzai, and others. I’m awed by their courage and tenacity.

Favorie thing about being Jewish: There’s no way I can pick just one thing — my book is basically a 93,000-word answer to this question! But to name a few: our passion for learning and questioning; our commitment to reinterpreting our traditions and breathing new life into them in each new era; our passionate concern for — and identification with and as — outsiders; our radical, countercultural, anti-consumerist, anti-materialist wisdom as embodied by traditions like Shabbat; our theological humility as revealed in our lack of dogma about the Divine and our numerous, diverse conceptions of God; and so much more…

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Sarah Hurwitz: Speechwriter for Judaism

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Sarah Hurwitz: Speechwriter for Judaism

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