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Eat, Drink + Think

WATCH: How to prepare Romanian eggplant spread

Also known as the “poor man’s caviar”, it makes a great spread on challah.

Poland’s Jewish Museum director is stepping aside — why now?

“It’s been almost a year since I left the museum, actually,” said Professor Dariusz Stola. “I waited quite patiently, I must say.”

A museum devoted to Southern Jewish culture to open in fall of 2020

“The story of Jews in the South parallels a lot of American history.”

Susan B. Anthony’s Jewish Sisters

In celebration of Susan B. Anthony’s bicentenary, we look at the legendary social reformer’s Jewish influences and compatriots.

Bringing Jews and Palestinians together — through art, education and a new web series

“Showcasing art from both Palestine and Israel will help people see we are more alike than we are different.”

In ‘Chanel’s Riviera,’ it’s wartime and the rich are comfortable — and collaborating

De Courcy’s refrain, repeated after every step towards cataclysm, is that no matter what happened, life on the Riviera remained much the same.

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