WATCH: National Geographic Casts Geoffrey Rush as Albert Einstein

    National Geographic has released a trailer of its new scripted series about Albert Einstein and other great American minds.

    Einstein devoted his life to the clean and elegant expression of complicated ideas, from the relativity of time to the constantly expanding nature of the universe. But his own history was a series of twists and turns, between two marriages, constant moves across borders and the rise of the Nazis - and that’s not to mention his scientific career.

    The “Genius” series from National Geographic will explore the physicist’s trials and triumphs, starring Geoffrey Rush and directed by Ron Howard. Other actors will depict earlier stages of his life, and a bevy from talent from Emily Watson of “Theory of Everything” note to Vincent Kartheiser of “Mad Men” vintage will fill out the cast.

    The series will draw on Walter Isaacson’s biography, “Einstein: His Life and Universe.” It it scheduled to emerge from the ether in April on the National Geographic channel.

    Check the trailer out here.

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    National Geographic Series to Follow Life of Physicist Albert Einstein

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    WATCH: National Geographic Casts Geoffrey Rush as Albert Einstein

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