Progressive Democrats Create ‘Grow a Spine’ Gift List for Chuck Schumer

Progressive activists want Chuck Schumer to get serious about standing up to President Trump — and they want your help.

They’ve set up a toungue-in-cheek wedding registry to encourage members of the Democratic Party grassroots to buy gifts that might stiffen the Senate Majority Leader’s resolve.

“He’s the Democratic Senate leader, but he keeps voting to confirm Trump’s nominees, no matter how unqualified,” the description on the site reads, faulting the New York Senator for his votes in favor Central Intelligence Agency director Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense James Mattis. “C’mon Chuck, show some spine. Here are some things that will help you grow one!”

The registry includes three books about courage, spine health supplements, a “Cowardly Lion” costume, a “liquid courage” liquor flask and a map and compass.

Schumer has riled some in the grassroots with his seeming willingness to compromise on Cabinet picks and policy matters like infrastructure with President Donald Trump. He’s got a reputation as less of a die-on-the-hill partisan and more of a dealmaker.

But who knows? Maybe these blandishments will help him find his inner trench fighter.

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Progressive Democrats Create ‘Grow a Spine’ Gift List for Chuck Schumer

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