Harvard Students Implore Alum Jared Kushner to Rein Trump In

    Harvard students are imploring White House senior adviser Jared Kushner to be “true to his school,” urging in him in an open letter to ensure that President Donald Trump upholds values of tolerance and openness cherished by the university community.

    “We, the undersigned graduates of Harvard College, are your classmates and roommates, friends and acquaintances. We do not have the President’s ear, but you do, and we hope that we have yours,” the petition read.

    “We appeal to you to influence the Trump Administration, and Mr. Trump himself, in a positive way,” the letter continued, listing concerns about the new president’s policies on immigration, gay rights, racial minorities, climate change and the press. “Harvard’s motto is simple. It is just a single word: Veritas. Truth… It is the guiding value of your alma mater; let it be a value in the Administration as well.”

    The petition has been circulating on social media, though it is not clear how many have signed or who drew it up. Harvard, like other university campuses, has seen a rash of protest activity since the election of Trump.

    Kushner attended Harvard as an undergraduate, a surprise to many of those who saw him as an average student in high school. His father, Charles Kushner, made multi-million-dollar gifts to the university.

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    Harvard Students Implore Alum Jared Kushner to Rein Trump In

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