Stephen Miller Is David Duke’s Favorite Jew by the Forward

Stephen Miller Is David Duke’s Favorite Jew

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As a former KKK Grand Wizard and current espouser of every anti-Semitic conspiracy theory in the book, David Duke hates Jews. ExceptStephen Miller, President Trump’s national policy director, that is.

Miller, who represented the administration on the Sunday talk shows this past weekend, has been a shaping force behind signature policies like the “Muslim ban” and rounds out, along with chief strategist Steve Bannon, the administration’s nationalist-populist wing.

He went on all the Sunday shows this weekend to defend the new leader’s policies and pronouncements. While many thought his performance came off as robotic and rehearsed, Duke’s Twitter followers praised his genius as a communicator on par with Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.


Daniel J. Solomon

Daniel J. Solomon is the former Assistant to the Editor/News Writer at the Forward. Originally from Queens, he attended Harvard as an undergraduate, where he wrote his senior thesis on French-Jewish intellectual history. He is excited to have returned to New York after his time in Massachusetts. Daniel’s passions include folk music, cycling, and pointed argument.

Stephen Miller Is David Duke’s Favorite Jew

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Stephen Miller Is David Duke’s Favorite Jew

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