Adam Schiff Says Trump’s Rants Have ‘Real-World’ Consequences

California Rep. Adam Schiff said President Trump’s bizarre and unfounded claims have “real-world consequences” that could affect America’s security.

Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, doubts there is any evidence whatsoever to back up the president’s explosive allegation about ex-President Obama tapping his phone.

“There are one or two possibilities here: Either the president quite deliberately for some reason made up this charge, or perhaps, more disturbing, the president really believes this,” Schiff told host George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week.”

Schiff says Americans should be concerned about how Trump’s rants — often delivered in pre-dawn tweets, could affect policy or sway foreign entities.

“If (Trump) should say that Iran is cheating on the nuclear agreement, if he’s making that up, it’s a real problem,” Schiff said. “If he’s not making [it] up and it’s true, it’s an even bigger problem because the question is: Would people believe him? Would American people believe him? Would people around the world believe him? And that has real-world consequences.”

Schiff hopes FBI Director James Comey will shoot down Trump’s wiretapping claims once and for all when he testifies before the House intelligence committee next week..

This story "Adam Schiff Says Trump’s Rants Have ‘Real-World’ Consequences" was written by Dave Goldiner.

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Adam Schiff Says Trump’s Rants Have ‘Real-World’ Consequences

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