Jared Kushner Brags He’s ‘First Among Equals’ In Trump White House

Jared Kushner has reportedly bragged about being the “first among equals” on the White House staff, a boast that seems borne out by his growing portfolio and by President Trump’s tepid comments about rival Steve Bannon.

Kushner is married to Trump’s flesh and blood – and that seems to be giving the son-in-law and senior adviser confidence in his bitter fight over control of the White House with the chief strategist.

“Anybody thinking they are going to win a fight against the family is not very smart,” one unnamed source told Vanity Fair.

“You can’t compare family members to other staffers,” another source said. “You aren’t going to fire your son-in-law or your daughter.”

That pecking order appears to be reflected in whose office is where. According to the magazine, Kushner occupies a space directly next to the Oval Office, with Bannon one spot over.

Bannon and Kushner have been in a spat over the direction of the administration, with Kushner favoring more traditional economic policies and a moderate social agenda, while Bannon continues to champion his a nationalist program that would clamp down on free trade and push more radical social policies.

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Jared Kushner Brags He’s ‘First Among Equals’ In Trump White House

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