Neo-Nazi Publisher Mourns Gorka’s Possible Departure

The publisher of the country’s leading neo-Nazi website lamented the apparent ouster of Sebastian Gorka from the White House and saw the move as part of a “Jew agenda.”

“Looking like another one of our guys is out,” Andrew Anglin wrote in a May 1 post on his website the Daily Stormer.

Anglin’s website has been called the “top hate site in America” by the SPLC center, the advocacy group which recently filed a lawsuit against Anglin alleging that he orchestrated a prolonged anti-Semitic harassment campaign against a Jewish woman and her family in Montana.

Anglin aligned himself with the “alt-right” and championed President Trump until recently. Following Trump’s strikes against Syria, and other policy shifts, Anglin now sees Trump as a “hostage” or “puppet” being controlled by Jews.

“Donald Trump is a hostage of the Jews, and Gorka, despite being a little bit neocony, is not onboard with the full-Jew agenda of #HostageTrump,” Anglin wrote.

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Neo-Nazi Publisher Mourns Gorka’s Possible Departure

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