GOP Lawmaker Calls Trump ‘Small Potatoes’ — Compared To Nazis by the Forward

GOP Lawmaker Calls Trump ‘Small Potatoes’ — Compared To Nazis

A conservative lawmaker compared President Trump to the Nazis, calling the embattled leader “small potatoes” compared to the Third Reich.

Rep. Tom Garrett a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, told the crowd in southwest Virginia that he felt confident the American people would dump Trump if he turned into a truly authoritarian leader.

“America has overcome amazing challenges that Donald Trump, as frightening as he is to some people, small potatoes compared to Nazi Germany,” Garrett (R-Va.) told constituents at a Tuesday night meeting, Politico reported.

Garrett reminded the crowd that many feared President Obama would transform America into a socialist nation, fears that turned out to be unfounded.

In a possible shot across Trump’s bow, the right-winger vowed to stand up if he believed Trump sold out the country to Russia or committed other wrongdoing.

“If I see a Trump who I think has betrayed his duty to the Constitution, he needs to go,” he said.


Dave Goldiner

Dave Goldiner

Dave Goldiner is the Forward’s director of digital media. Dave is a veteran journalist who has spent two decades working at newspapers in the United States and Africa. A native New Yorker, Goldiner wrote for the New York Daily News, where he covered some of the biggest stories of our time, including the attacks of September 11, along with thousands of stories of hope and heartbreak. He also studied and worked in Southern Africa and has written for publications in South Africa and Zimbabwe. He holds masters degrees in journalism and public administration from Columbia University. Dave can be reached at, or follow him on Twitter @davegoldiner

GOP Lawmaker Calls Trump ‘Small Potatoes’ — Compared To Nazis

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GOP Lawmaker Calls Trump ‘Small Potatoes’ — Compared To Nazis

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