Why Is The ‘Alt-Right’ Getting Real News Scoops? by the Forward

Why Is The ‘Alt-Right’ Getting Real News Scoops?

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Bloggers in the “alt-right” orbit are benefiting from having sources close to President Donald Trump — and have recently been getting “legitimate scoops” before more established journalists.

Mike Cernovich is the most dramatic example, a post from the partisan advocacy site Media Matters America pointed out.

“By providing people like Cernovich with this information, the administration sources have created a new state of uncertainty for journalists and news consumers who might otherwise have been able to universally reject stories from ‘alt-right’ sources,” the website wrote.

Infrwars host Alex Jones, who speaks often about his close relationship with Trump, claims that Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. has acted as a source for the “alt-right.” In April, Trump Jr. said that Cernovich deserved a Pulitzer for a story he wrote about Susan Rice.

While Cernovich spent much of 2016 championing stories claiming that Hillary Clinton had Parkinsons or was operating s sex-trafficking ring out of a pizza shop — he has broken a number of significant national security stories.

In April Cernovich “correctly reported that former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice had requested to unmask the identities of Trump associates,” BuzzFeed news noted.

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Sam Kestenbaum

Sam Kestenbaum

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Why Is The ‘Alt-Right’ Getting News Scoops?

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Why Is The ‘Alt-Right’ Getting Real News Scoops?

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