No Golan? White House Video Shows Unprecedented Israel Map

    A White House video designed to promote the first trip abroad by President Trump seemingly portrayed a shocking change in American policy and the Trump administration’s beliefs. But it was pulled almost immediately.

    The video was intended to promote the trip to four countries. A slide in the video showed a map of Israel with 1967 borders and described the trip to Israel made three crucial diplomatic assertions.

    • The map excluded the Golan, annexed by Israel in 1981, seeming to discredit the annexation.
    • The map excluded the West Bank, a source of friction in Israel and the international community but generally considered to be Israel by the Trump administration. This would cast in doubt any U.S. help in shoring up Prime Minister Netanyahu’s support for settlements.
    • The slide included a visit with Mahmoud Abbas on the Israel slide, apparently showing that the White House believes that the Palestinian Authority is part of Israel.

    The White House pulled the video and remained silent about the slide, and outlets have assumed that this was lower level incompetence that has angered both Israelis and Palestinians, rather than the dramatic shift in policy that it seems.

    No Golan? White House Video Shows Shocking Israel Map

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    No Golan? White House Video Shows Unprecedented Israel Map

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