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Jerusalem Women Lead ‘SlutWalk’ March Against Sexism

Hundreds of women marched in Jerusalem on Friday wearing revealing attire as part of a global anti-rape culture protest known as the SlutWalk.

Signs included slogans like “How should I dress? It’s none of your business” and “Don’t tell us how to dress! Tell men not to rape,” as the women and their male allies paraded down the central drag of Jaffa Street. Some of those male allies wore drag in solidarity with the women.

The revealing clothes and the “SlutWalk” term pushes back on victim-blaming attitudes which fault women for their own rape based on what they were wearing or doing at the time of an assault. The walks have occurred in major world capitals like New York, Paris, London and Tel Aviv.

The march took on an added potency in Jerusalem, where ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods require that pedestrians dress modestly. The march was largely without incident, except for one major argument between the marchers and two women who were angry about the casual attire.

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Jerusalem Women March In Anti-Sexism SlutWalk

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Jerusalem Women Lead ‘SlutWalk’ March Against Sexism

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