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Is ‘Wonder Woman’ Patriotic Enough? So Asks Fox News.

Because content is God in today’s media market, a Fox News panel spent several whole minutes discussing whether or not ‘Wonder Woman’ is “patriotic” enough.

The “Your World with Neil Cavuto” host and his guests brought up fascinating and relevant points like: her outfit is not red, white, and blue! In order to appeal to foreign markets, the film doesn’t reference America!

The token woman brought up an equally fascinating counterpoint: The director is American.

Guest Dion Baia wondered aloud whether money trumps patriotism, as if money isn’t the most American part of America, and Mike Gunzelman asks the question we all kind of know the answer to: Is it cool to hate America these days?


The panel concludes that ‘Wonder Woman’ is, in fact, not patriotic enough. The world continues to turn. The icecaps continue to melt. The last polar bear dies.

Thanks for tuning in, America.

Is ‘Wonder Woman’ Patriotic Enough? Who Cares.

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Is ‘Wonder Woman’ Patriotic Enough? So Asks Fox News.

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