Mark Cuban Watches ‘Law & Order’ And Is Really Into E-Mail

Mark Cuban has a multi-billion dollar business empire that includes the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. And he manages the whole enterprise from his smartphone - shooting off e-mails from his iPhone and Android mobiles.

“If I’m laying in bed watching a game, if it’s halftime of a Mav’s game, that’s when I’ll do my emails,” Cuban told Arianna Huffington in an episode of the “Thrive Global Podcast.” He added: “It allows me to disconnect from whatever other things that have my attention, and it actually works out really well.”

He also likes to watch “Law and Order” and other TV shows before going to bed. “I think it’s an old habit that I just haven’t gotten rid of. Where, when my mind was racing so much and I needed to turn off and couldn’t, it was a distraction. When I was thinking about work all the time. If there was something else on, just to distract,” he said.

Cuban keeps up a high-paced schedule, and that eats into his sleeping time – he told Huffington he only gets six hours a night of shut eye. “If I’m sleeping six, seven hours and working out one hour, there’s another 16 hours that I have access to my phone,” he said.

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Mark Cuban Watches ‘Law & Order’ And Is Really Into E-Mail

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