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Which Jewish Journalist Is Getting Accolades From A Top Internet Nazi?

Why is a neo-Nazi praising a Jewish journalist?

Andrew Anglin, publisher of the internet’s “top hate site” seemed to applaud Tablet Magazine’s columnist Yair Rosenberg as particularly reflective and capable of a “type of thinking” that the “overwhelming majority of new Jews are incapable of.”

Speaking on a panel devoted to the “alt-right” at the American Jewish Committee this month, Rosenberg described the “alt-right” as pragmatic politically — more so than the American left. The “alt-right” is the name preferred by a movement of contemporary white nationalists that operates mainly online.

“Yair Rosenberg at the AJC forum this week made some very reflective comments on the Alt-Right supporting Donald Trump,” Anglin wrote. “It’s exactly the type of thinking that it is soooooo hilarious that the overwhelming majority of new Jews are incapable of.”

During the AJC event, Rosenberg was asked how it was President Trump’s “alt-right” supporters reconcile their support of Trump with their distaste for his Jewish family members.

“The Nazis so to speak, the neo-Nazis, the ‘alt-right,’ are more pragmatic politically than some people on the far left in America who were unwilling to, say, vote for Hillary Clinton or voted for Jill Stein or didn’t show up,” Rosenberg said.

“Whereas these neo-Nazis understood, this is the best we’ve got, it’s the best we’ve ever had it’s the best option on offer. “So we’re going to go in for that and we’re going to go all in for that — and look who won.”

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Why Is This Neo-Nazi Applauding A Jewish Journalist?

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Which Jewish Journalist Is Getting Accolades From A Top Internet Nazi?

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