Protest Planned Over Alleged ‘Kidnapping’ of Yemeni Jewish Children By Israel

Amram, a group dedicated to uncovering what they believe to be a massive conspiracy by the Israeli government to kidnap the children of Jews from Yemen, Iraq, and other Arab nations, are planning a “mass demonstration” in Jerusalem for the fourth straight year.

According to a press release from the group, their demands include: an official apology from the government to the families of the kidnapped children, material support for reunification efforts, and a posthumous pardon and exoneration of the group’s founder, Rabbi Uzi Meshulam.

It’s another chapter in the long, strange history of Amram. In 1994, Meshulam led members of Amram in a weeks-long stand-off with Israeli police that left one dead, wherein he and other members demanded the creation of a national committee of inquiry regarding the disappearance of children from Israel’s community of Yemenite immigrants, among other requests. The stand-off ended with an establishment of the committee, and a long prison sentence for Meshulam.

Meshulam, who died in 2013, alleged that the Israeli government kidnapped the children of Mizrahi children in order to either give or sell them to Ashkenazi parents.

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Protest Planned Over Alleged ‘Kidnapping’ of Yemeni Jewish Children By Israel

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