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Meet the Nice Jewish Boy Behind the Insanely Cute ‘Dogist’ Instagram

Meet Elias Weiss Friedman, a nice Jewish boy who left corporate life behind to make a living taking pictures of cute dogs all over New York City.

After getting laid off in 2013, Friedman started an Instagram account that showcased pictures of adorable dogs. He called it The Dogist. Nearly 5,500 posts, 2.6 million followers and two anthology books later, Friedman has made a career out of Insta-perfect dog portraits.

Friedman’s tricks of the trade include wearing kneepads, to get up close and personal with his subjects, and pockets filled with dog treats.

If it sounds like a doggie dream job — well, it probably is. But Friedman still puts in the hours, pounding New York pavement every day of the year in search of ‘Gram-able pups.

“I don’t take days off because my life would be less exciting without The Dogist,” Friedman told Buzzfeed. “I somehow found great purpose in carrying a camera and a squeaky tennis ball, so why miss any opportunity to put them to use, especially when it makes so many people happy?”

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Dogist Instagram Creator Is A Nice Jewish Boy

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Meet the Nice Jewish Boy Behind the Insanely Cute ‘Dogist’ Instagram

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