‘Sickening’ Pro-Trump KKK Fliers Found In Mississippi

    A Mississippi branch of the Klu Klux Klan is distributing fliers through the state praising President Trump and his policies.

    “Like it or not he’s our President,” the flier begins.

    The message on the KKK notes lists the American Christian Knights organization, based in Mississippi, with their phone number and website address, according to AL.com. The letter states that, “Only white Christians need apply.” The letter has Trump’s name written in large font at the the top and lists five reasons why citizens should support Trump.

    The fliers have appeared in multiple locations in the state, including West Mobile.

    Laurie Walton, a resident who spoke with a local NBC station, said she found a flier tossed into her yard over the weekend.

    “It’s really kind of a sickening feeling,” she said. “I have friends that are of all various hues and religions and whatever. And I mean, I love the diversity.”

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    Pro-Trump KKK Fliers Found In Mississippi

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    ‘Sickening’ Pro-Trump KKK Fliers Found In Mississippi

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