Florida Bank Robber Uses Kosher Bakery Truck As Getaway Car

An armed gunman entered a Miami-area TD Bank branch at 11 a.m. on Thursday morning, ordering employees and customers onto the ground and firing two shots into the ceiling. No one was injured, but the shooter escaped with a substantial sum of money — and a stolen kosher bakery van.

The truck belongs to local kosher bakery Zak The Baker, which took to Facebook to express their frustration:

“Who steals a giant white bakery delivery truck to go rob a bank?” the page posted.

The Public Information Bureau of the Miami-Dade County Police Department said the case is being handled by the FBI and was unable to provide additional information. Zak the Baker was not immediately available for comment.

FBI Special Agent Michael Leverock told local news the stolen van was later recovered around 1 p.m. about 3.5 miles away. It is unclear if any dough was recovered.

The thief, who evidently kneaded a quick getaway, is on a roll — he has so far not been captured. Miami FBI Public Affairs Specialist Jim Marshall told the Forward that no arrests have been made in relation to the bank robbery.

But if he is caught, he’ll be toast.

Laura E. Adkins is the Forward’s contributing network editor. Contact her at or on Twitter, @Laura_E_Adkins

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Florida Bank Robber Uses Kosher Bakery Truck As Getaway Car

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