$2K Prize Offered For Best ‘Pro-Israel Meme’

    The Milstein Meme Competition, which will award $2,000 in prizes for the best pro-Israel memes, poses some vexing questions.

    What is a pro-Israel meme? Is there such a thing as a good pro-Israel meme? Will anyone submit fresh memes to a contest run by a Jewish foundation? Do Jewish funders think they can buy virality with a meme contest?

    Funded by the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, the competition opens today and runs through next week. Submissions will be graded on “Level of Insightfulness,” “Wit/Humor,” and “The prominence of the issue(s) addressed by the meme.”

    Most memes live on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, or on bulletin boards like reddit and imgur. Creators are generally anonymous.

    “This competition gives me the opportunity to combine the two things I love: Israel and memes,” said one of the competition’s judges, Yossef Shachor, wrote in his bio.

    There are currently no memes on the competition’s website.

    Contact Josh Nathan-Kazis at nathankazis@forward.com or on Twitter, @joshnathankazis.

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    $2K Prize Offered For Best ‘Pro-Israel Meme’

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