Ann Coulter Wants To Clone Stephen Miller

Trump aide Stephen Miller took some heat after his first media briefing Wednesday, in which he downplayed the importance of Emma Lazarus’s poem mounted on the Statue of Liberty and accused a CNN reporter of having a “cosmopolitan bias.”

But at least one viewer loved his messaging.

“We need to clone Stephen Miller and appoint him to every Cabinet position,” conservative pundit Ann Coulter tweeted. In another enthusiastic tweet, Coulter promoted the idea of a Miller political takeover, suggesting, “Experts say many people voted for Trump because they want Stephen Miller running the country.”

Assuming that Miller can’t be cloned to replace all cabinet members, Coulter would at least want to see him take over the White House press shop. “I wonder if it would help if all Trump spokesmen were as smart as Stephen Miller,” she added.

Coulter also seemed to like Miller’s attack on CNN’s Jim Acosta, whom she referred to as an “idiot reporter.”

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Ann Coulter Wants To Clone Stephen Miller

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