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Schiff Says Too Early To Force Trump Out

California Democrat Adam Schiff, one of President Trump’s chief critics in Congress, is calling on fellow Democrats to wait before trying to use a constitutional move to force Trump out of office.

Speaking on CNN over the weekend, Schiff said there were “serious issues” with Trump’s capability as a president, “that aren’t going to go away, that aren’t going to get better, and indeed with the pressures of the job, may very well get worse.”

But Schiff does not believe it is time to invoke the 25th Amendment which allows the vice president and 8 cabinet member to force the president out if he is deemed incapable of doing his job. “I think we’re still far from concluding that that’s the case,” Schiff told CNN’s Jake Tapper, “even though we find, many of us, his conduct anathema and there to be a serious problem here.” Several Democrats have spoken out last week about the need to invoke the 25th Amendment and a resolution was introduced in Congress calling on the cabinet to examine Trump’s mental and health capabilities.

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Schiff: Too Early To Force Trump Out

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Schiff Says Too Early To Force Trump Out

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