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Remember Jon Ossoff? He’s Back, And Swinging Punches At Trump

After his failure to win a Republican-leaning Georgia congressional district in June, Jon Ossoff stayed away from politics, trying to make sense of his loss. He had run in the most expensive House race in history, one that had Democrats hoping would herald a wave of anti-Republican backlash.

Now, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports, Ossoff is back in the spotlight and is considering another run. And this time, Ossoff believes that he learned an important lesson from his failed race: Never stop attacking President Trump.

During the final weeks of his campaign, Ossoff chose to tone down his anti-Trump rhetoric in hopes that could win him votes among suburban Atlanta moderates. Now, he’s going full force against the President.

Ossoff described Trump as an “incompetent POTUS,” adding that the president is a “weak and dishonest man.” Ossoff said that after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, Trump acted with “contempt for the victims and inability to see beyond one’s own ego and vanity that is so disgusting.”

Ossoff’s return did not go unnoticed by his conservative rivals. The right-wing America Rising PAC issued a statement describing Ossoff as robot who is resetting “to factory settings.”

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Jon Ossoff Is Back, And Swinging Punches At Trump

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Remember Jon Ossoff? He’s Back, And Swinging Punches At Trump

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