Target Yanks Anti-Semitic - Or Just Jewish-Themed - ‘Cards Against Humanity’ Set

    Target apologized for an offensive set of playing cards and is yanking the product from its stores, Business Insider reported. But what people may not realize is that the game is meant to be offensive — to everyone.

    The cards are the “Jew Pack” extension set to the popular game Cards Against Humanity. The game is like a purposefully offensive Apples To Apples, with players matching nouns and phrases to elaborate prompts. On the game’s website, its description reads, “Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people.”

    The cards sparked outrage on social media with prompts like “Can’t you see, the Jews are behind everything — the banks, the media, even _______!” and “What’s so important right now that you can’t call your mother?”

    Characteristically offensive answers to the prompts include: “Suddenly remembering the Holocaust happened”; “Chopping off a little bit of the penis”; “A lifetime of internalized guilt”; and “Bags of money.”

    On Twitter Target said, “We apologize for any disappointment as it is never our intention to offend our guests with the products we carry.”

    A picture of the cards posted on Twitter showed them being sold at clearance for $2.50.

    The more offensive cards included in the regular set of Cards Against Humanity, including ones that make fun of Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity, are too vulgar to print here.

    The creators of Cards Against Humanity include Max Temkin, Eli Halpern, David Munk, David Pinsof and Eliot Weinstein.

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    This story "Anti-Semitic Cards Against Humanity Set Yanked: Target" was written by Ari Feldman.

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    Target Yanks Anti-Semitic - Or Just Jewish-Themed - ‘Cards Against Humanity’ Set

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