Conspiracist Alex Jones Is Teaming Up With ‘Pick-Up Artist’ Neil Strauss

    Alex Jones, the country’s leading internet conspiracist, is teaming up with New York Times bestselling author Neil Strauss on a book about the “war for the future,” including a sinister plot to brainwash the masses and make them docile.

    It’s a theme that would be familiar to fans of Jones, whose broadcasts are filled with conspiracies about nefarious space reptilians and government cover-ups. But the team-up seems more of a stretch for Strauss, who best known for his self-help text, “The Game,” about how men can learn to attract and pick up any woman they meet by following a set of simple steps.

    CNN obtained a 27-page book proposal sent to publishers and revealed the news in a report on Monday.

    On his website InfoWars, Jones propagates conspiracy theories about things like 9/11, the Sandy Hook school shooting and the “Pizzagate” conspiracy alleging a pedophile ring in a D.C. pizzeria; his fans even include President Trump, who appeared on InfoWars to thank the station for its support of his campaign.

    The new book is tentatively titled “The Secret History of the Modern World & the War for the Future.”

    “Who doesn’t want to read some of the greatest conspiracy theories of all time,” the proposal reads. “Because there is a conspiracy that, no matter who you are, you have to admit is true. There is a war for your mind. A war to make you docile. A war to make you a sheep. A war to take away your initiative, your freedom, and your control over your own life.”

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    Alex Jones Teams Up With ‘The Game’ Author Neil Strauss

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    Conspiracist Alex Jones Is Teaming Up With ‘Pick-Up Artist’ Neil Strauss

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