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Paul Nehlen Cozies Up To David Duke In Podcast Appearance

Paul Nehlen made an appearance on the podcast show of David Duke, former Klu Klux Klan Grand Wizard and prominent white supremacist and anti-Semite. Nehlen is challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s upcoming Republican primaries.

In the interview, Duke asked Nehlen about Jews in the media and about white nationalism.

“I think it’s right and righteous to do that,” Nehlen said in response to a question about preserving the U.S.’s white majority. “I think that we [white people] have built wonderful civilizations in northern Europe and around the world. And if it weren’t for our leadership, many more people would’ve died over the course of history.”

In response to a question from Duke about Nehlen’s repudiation by Breitbart News, Nehlen said, “Well it reveals to me that, in fact, Jews control the media.”

“So, Bannon disavowed me, Breitbart disavowed me, and Breitbart is run largely by Jewish folks,” he added. “And they took down all of my writings on Breitbart — so I guess to them it’s okay if you just burn part of the Alexandria Library.”

Nehlen was recently suspended on Twitter for seven days after targeting Jewish journalists in his tweets.

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Paul Nehlen, David Duke Buddy Up In Podcast Appearance

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Paul Nehlen Cozies Up To David Duke In Podcast Appearance

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