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WATCH: Republican Neo-Nazi Candidate: ‘Jews Control The Country’

A CNN interview on Thursday with Holocaust-denying Republican congressional candidate Arthur Jones quickly turned into a shouting match.

Interviewer Alisyn Camerota, visibly disgusted by Jones and his views, slammed the Illinois candidate with facts about the Holocaust, as Jones waved papers at her and went on a rant about the “Jew party system.”

When presented with facts about the extermination of Jews by Nazi Germany, Jones responded by saying “Poppycock.” He went on to claim that “the Jews basically control the country, the Congress, the economy, the media.”

Camerota had the last word, telling Jones, who remains uncontested in the Republican primary for Illinois’ heavily-Democratic 3rd congressional district, that “chances are, you’ll go down in flames.”

Both the Illinois Republican Party and the Republican Jewish Coalition have condemned Jones, a former leader of the American Nazi Party. The state party has said that they will not issue a legal challenge to Jones’s candidacy, as they did in 2016, but may support a write-in or independent candidate.

Watch CNN’s interview with Jones:

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WATCH: CNN Rips Nazi Republican Candidate Arthur Jones

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WATCH: Republican Neo-Nazi Candidate: ‘Jews Control The Country’

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