Levi Sanders Can’t Stop Arguing About Vegetarianism On Facebook

    Sen. Bernie Sanders’ son Levi is running for Congress, providing reason enough for reporters to sort through his social media posts to learn more about the relatively-unknown candidate.

    HuffPost found Facebook posts showing that Sanders has very little patience for those who disagree with him.

    He got into lengthy arguments with his former high school classmates over the costs of a reunion. “Go somewhere else where you can have a potluck, play some softball or other sports and save a lot of money,” he suggested. After a classmate asked him to tone things down or take his complaints to a private forum, Sanders called the response “ridiculous” and “deeply disconcerting.”

    In another Facebook thread, when a friend argued that Barack Obama will lead America to socialism, Sanders touted the benefits of Scandinavia. When that didn’t end the discussion, he told the friend: “You are a simple Pepsi brother, who has very little and pretends he has a lot.”

    Sanders is an outspoken vegetarian, and got in multiple arguments with friends, strangers and even the yogurt brand Chobani about the ethics of eating meat. When Vermont Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman announced that he would be selling pork sausage at a farmer’s market, Sanders wrote at least four comments decrying selling animal products. “How about the baby pig who had either its mother or father taken from him,” Sanders wrote. “How was their mother’s day?”

    The article also lists Sanders’ rants against the city of Houston (a “short hole” with “one of the worst police forces,”) and also how he got into an online fight with an anti-Semitic Facebook commenter. “I KNOW YOU ARE JEWISH!!! JEWISH HIRE JEWISH PEOPLE COME ON NOW,” the person wrote. Sanders replied: “I am not Jewish but Prewish, though I fail to understand how that is relevant.”

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    Levi Sanders Can’t Stop Arguing On Facebook

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    Levi Sanders Can’t Stop Arguing About Vegetarianism On Facebook

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