Harvard Student Says Michael Cohen Threatened Him Over ‘Endorsement’ Prank

    Harvard senior Tom Waddick says that he received a threatening call from Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen following a prank he helped pulled on Trump in 2015, Boston Magazine reported.

    Waddick works at the Harvard Lampoon, the university’s comedy magazine, which is known to pull off pranks. The prank against then-candidate Trump began when Waddick, along with other Lampoon writers, broke into the Harvard Crimson’s office and stole the paper’s president’s chair.

    The Lampoon staffers reached out to Trump’s campaign, pretending to be staffers from the Crimson interested in endorsing the campaign. Trump agreed to meet the students, who he thought were real staffers of the Crimson .

    Waddick and his peers brought the chair to Trump Tower in Manhattan, where the presidential candidate took a thumbs-up photo with the students.

    Waddick said that once the Trump campaign solved the prank a few days later, Cohen called him threatening to get the students expelled.

    “He says, you know, I’m gonna come up to Harvard,” Waddick told 60 Minutes in Sunday’s interview. “If this photo gets out you’ll be outta that school faster than you know it. I can be up there tomorrow,” Waddick retold.

    The Lampoon published the infamous “thumbs-up” photo in July 2015, as a fake Trump endorsement.

    Former adult film star Stormy Daniels has also been known to claim that Cohen made threats.

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    Harvard Student Says Michael Cohen Threatened Him Over ‘Endorsement’ Prank

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