Dershowitz Predicts Michael Cohen Will Sing Like A Canary On Trump

Alan Dershowitz, the legal eagle known for his frequent defense of President Trump, says Michael Cohen might be easily influenced to cooperating with federal prosecutors, Politico reported.

“They’ll threaten him with life imprisonment, and try to turn him into a canary that sings,” Dershowitz said of Trump’s longtime attorney who is under criminal investigation.

Cohen, who has not been charged with any crimes, had his home, office and hotel room raided by FBI agents last week, seeking evidence of possible attempts to hide negative media coverage of Trump during the 2016 presidential election.

Cohen raised eyebrows when he told CNN that the agents were “extremely professional, courteous and respectful,” rather than the outrage some would have expected from him.

“When anybody is faced with spending a long time in jail, they start to re-evaluate their priorities, and cooperation can’t be ruled out,” Politico reported an anonymous source who knows Cohen said.

Dershowitz spoke out about Cohen earlier this week as well, while as a guest on Sean Hannity’s show, he told Hannity, “I really think you should have disclosed your relationship with Cohen,” following news that Hannity had secretly been legally represented by Cohen.

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Dershowitz Predicts Michael Cohen Will Sing Like A Canary On Trump

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