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Trump Tweets Fury At ‘Third-Rate’ Reporter Maggie Haberman Over Scoop

President Trump lashed out on Twitter at New York Times star reporter Maggie Haberman Saturday after she reported that he has treated Michael Cohen poorly — and the lawyer is likely to cooperate with prosecutors as a result.

Trump dismissed the perennial prize-winner Haberman as “third-rate” and claimed he “doesn’t talk to her,” even though he once granted her an exclusive White House sit-down interview.

Haberman along with other scribes reported that Trump has long showed disdain for Cohen and often humiliates him in front of other officials and friends.

The most shocking quote in the piece comes from GOP operative and Trump ally Roger Stone.

“Donald treats Michael Cohen like a piece of garbage,” Stone told the paper.

Cohen is now facing a serious criminal investigation and may have to decide between spending a long stint in prison or turning on his longtime boss and supposed friend.

Haberman, who was named to the Forward 50 last year, defended her reporting on Twitter but graciously did not respond to Trump’s insults.

Trump also blasted ex-aide Sam Nunberg, who was also quoted in the story suggesting that Trump regularly trashed Cohen.

Trump Rages At ‘Third-Rate’ Reporter Maggie Haberman

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Trump Tweets Fury At ‘Third-Rate’ Reporter Maggie Haberman Over Scoop

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