Dov Hikind Retiring After Controversial 36 Years As New York Lawmaker

    New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind announced Wednesday that he would retire after a controversial 36 years in office, Yiddish Nayes reported.

    Hikind, an outspoken supporter of Israel, began serving in the Assembly in 1983. His district now covers the heavily-Orthodox Brooklyn neighborhood of Borough Park.

    Although a Democrat, Hikind was known for frequently switching sides to back Republicans like Donald Trump, and had some conservative views, such as being anti-gay marriage.

    The 67-year-old did not state a reason for his retirement.

    A video hagiography put out by Hikind’s office highlights some of his self-proclaimed triumphs.

    Hikind assured that he would continue to “fight, stand up, speak out and not be afraid.” He added that he would remain “afraid of God, but nothing else.”

    He also thanked those who contributed to his past four decades of representing the Jewish community of Brooklyn.

    “I want to thank my constituents—my many friends and neighbors—for these extraordinary 36 years of having the honor to serve them. I thank my parents for instilling genuine Jewish values in me.”

    Hikind was perhaps best known nationally for attending a Purim party in blackface, for which he later apologized.

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    Dov Hikind Retiring After Controversial 36 Years As New York Lawmaker

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