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Viral Video Of Grown Man Taunting Hasidic Boy Gets Millions Of Views

A video of a man taunting a small Hasidic boy over his appearance went viral on Sunday, with the original clip viewed over 1 million times and copies of it seen at least a million more.

The 13-second video shows a man coming across a three- or four-year-old boy in the street, looking upset and wearing a kippah, long sidelocks and a shaved head.

“I’d be crying if I looked like that too bro,” the man said. “That’s f*cked up what they be doing to y’all.”

“You probably had the full wash and set - they should be fired if they ain’t cut your sht,” he added. “Fck it though bro, it’s your life.”

According to The Jerusalem Post, the video was posted to Facebook on Saturday by a user named Quai James.

“Had to really let my son know how i felt about the whole Jewish Haircut… Pray for the lil homie,” James first wrote. He later edited the caption to remove the word “Jewish,” before deleting the video — though after it had been viewed more than one million times. A version of the video that was shared on Twitter 40,000 times was also deleted.

The video was heavily criticized on social media. “If you make a video like this or laugh at it you are absolute garbage,” one user wrote.

“Twitter’s sure doing a fine job with that protecting of minorities claim they keep pushing,” another added.

But although the original posts have been deleted, the video has continued to crop up elsewhere on the internet: A copy posted to Facebook received nearly a million views in less than 24 hours.

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Viral Video Of Man Taunting Hasidic Boy Gets 100K Likes

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Viral Video Of Grown Man Taunting Hasidic Boy Gets Millions Of Views

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