Ivanka Trump Calls Jared Kushner’s Parents ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’

    Ivanka Trump has thoroughly enmeshed herself in Jared Kushner’s family, even going so far as to call his parents “mom” and “dad,” Politico reported Sunday based on its examination of a new book on the Trump family.

    “Born Trump,” by Vanity Fair writer Emily Jane Fox, follows the children of President Trump from their childhoods through the inauguration. One section recounts the close relationship Ivanka built with Kushner’s parents, Seryl and Charles.

    “Ivanka was essentially neglected by her parents as a child, so having parents around who think to buy her and her children long underwear when they are going to be outside in the cold for a long time, as Seryl did for Ivanka, Jared and their children to have for inauguration events, is appealing,” writes Fox, according to Politico.

    According to Politico, Charles Kushner allegedly “maintains control” over his children and grandchildren through a financial trust called “Kinderlach” — Yiddish for “children.” Included in the trust are multimillion-dollar Manhattan apartments the Kushner parents have purchased for each of their grandchildren.

    The New Yorker reported that when Kushner and Ivanka first began dating, Kushner’s parents said they hoped he would end up with someone Jewish. This led to their subsequent breakup in 2008; the two later reconciled, and married in 2009.

    Ivanka converted to Orthodox Judaism in 2010, and has joined the Kushner family as a practicing Orthodox Jew.

    Juliana Kaplan is a news intern at The Forward. Email her at kaplan@forward.com or follow her on Twitter, @julianamkaplan

    Ivanka Trump Calls Jared Kushner’s Parents Mom and Dad

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    Ivanka Trump Calls Jared Kushner’s Parents ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’

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