WATCH: Would Republicans Vote For Hitler On A GOP Ticket?

    CNN Tonight with Don Lemon took an emotional turn Thursday evening, under the topic of “bigots on the ballot.”

    During a discussion about racism in the Republican party, panelist and Democratic strategist Angela Rye thanked David Jolly, former Republican Congressman from Florida, after he said he believes President Trump has racist tendencies and acknowledged white privilege.

    Toward the end of the 10-minutes conversation, Rye reached her breaking point, expressing frustration over the “normalization” of racism under the current administration, as well as for constant gaslighting on the subject.

    “I’m told every day I’m on air that I’m racist because I call out racism,” Rye said. “That is maddening to me. And I’m crying about it because it’s crazy.”

    In response to the show’s third guest, Republican strategist Alice Stewart, who said, “I am a Republican, I’m going to support Republican candidates,” Lemon asked: “If the party nominates Hitler, are you going to vote for him?”

    “That’s a far-fetched hypothetical in my view, Don,” Alice responded.

    Jolly piped in: “It’s not.”

    “Don, I hate these conversations because it forces Republicans to confront a reality that I believe, which is this president is racist,” he continued. “We can’t forgive it. We can’t normalize it. We can’t suggest that he can be the figure of a party that we subscribe to. It’s heartbreaking.”

    Rye thanked Jolly for his views.

    “I just want to say, Congressman, like, I wish that the new members, the folks who have followed in your footsteps can at least acknowledge that,” she said. “That’s all so many of us are saying. At this point, I’m emotional.”

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    This story "Does Republican Party Loyalty Extends To Racists?" was written by Alyssa Fisher.

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    WATCH: Would Republicans Vote For Hitler On A GOP Ticket?

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