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Fox News Won’t Allow George Soros Reps On Air To Refute Conspiracies

Fox News Channel regularly refers Jewish billionaire philanthropist George Soros, often peddling conspiracy theories about his influence — but the conservative station won’t allow a Soros representative to refute the claims on air, one of his top aides told CNN.

Patrick Gaspard, president of Soros’s Open Society Foundations, told CNN on Sunday that Fox News producers “refuse to have us on.”

Fox News did not respond to a request for comment, according to CNN.

A guest on Lou Dobbs’ Fox Business recently program repeated a false claim spread by President Trump and Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, alleging that Soros is funding the caravan of migrants traveling from Mexico to the United States in search of asylum from violence and poverty.

The Jewish megadonor, who has given billions of dollars to liberal ventures, has been the face of several other right-wing conspiracy theories. He has also been accused throughout this election cycle of trying to “buy” the midterms.

Alyssa Fisher is a news writer at the Forward. Email her at fisher@forward.com, or follow her on Twitter at @alyssalfisher

Fox News Won’t Allow Soros Reps To Refute Lies

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Fox News Won’t Allow George Soros Reps On Air To Refute Conspiracies

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