George Soros Named Financial Times’ ‘Person Of The Year’

    The Financial Times chose billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros as its “Person of the Year.”

    The publication said it picked Soros not only for his achievements, but also for “the values he represents.”

    “He is the standard bearer of liberal democracy and open society. These are the ideas which triumphed in the cold war,” the Financial Times wrote. “Today, they are under siege from all sides, from Vladimir Putin’s Russia to Donald Trump’s America.”

    Throughout the piece, Soros, who is Jewish, is lauded for his philanthropic endeavors. He has dedicated his life and wealth to liberal causes, fighting against “authoritarianism, racism and intolerance.” That has also made him a boogeyman to the far-right, spurring many — often anti-Semitic — conspiracy theories about him manipulating global politics, such as funding the recent United States midterm elections and the caravan of migrants attempting to cross over into the U.S. from Mexico. He was also the first Democratic figure to have a bomb sent to his home.

    Meanwhile, he’s working toward a liberal democracy, vowing to fund a program that helps people find asylum from civil war, poverty or political oppression.

    “I’m blamed for everything, including being the anti-Christ,” Soros told the Financial Times. “I wish I didn’t have so many enemies, but I take it as an indication that I must be doing something right.”

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    This story "Soros Named Financial Times’ ‘Person Of The Year’" was written by Alyssa Fisher.

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    George Soros Named Financial Times’ ‘Person Of The Year’

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